Monday, December 19, 2011

The Salvation Army Illegally Fires a Bell Ringer.

I never walked away from the kettle.
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    • Raquel Onsurez Hmmm Joey
      30 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Arnold Your mom told me I did.
      29 minutes ago ·
    • Raquel Onsurez Oh I don't know what she said lol
      29 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Arnold I am mad at you.
      28 minutes ago ·
    • Raquel Onsurez Why?
      27 minutes ago ·
    • Raquel Onsurez
      27 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Arnold For spreading untrue rumors.
      23 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Arnold I did my job description.
      18 minutes ago ·
    • Raquel Onsurez Well leaving it unattended was wrong Joey. But I understand your point.
      10 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Arnold I never left it unattended.
      8 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Arnold Again, stop the untrue rumors.
      8 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Arnold Do I need to draw you a picture?
      8 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Arnold I never changed my position.
      8 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Arnold Like any other good bell-ringer, I rung my bell right next to my kettle, the whole time, perfectly flawlessly, & I was able to go above & beyond the call of duty. I actually engaged people in conversation as they came and went.
      6 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Arnold I went to a store today and the bell ringer did not greet me. Should I call The Salvation Army so they can fire that person or not? Because that is something that I did with every single person.
      5 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Arnold Should I call The Salvation Army & complain as soon as a bell-ringer says "Merry Christmas?" If a bunch of atheists called in, would The Salvation Army fire the bell ringer for saying Merry Christmas?

      We are talking about complaints? Complaint-systems, like this one, are dangerous ones.

      For example, people are having trouble with posting ads on Craigs List because other people are flagging them (complaining) which leads to the postings being deleting. Even some of mine were deleted.
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  • Raquel Onsurez
    December 7Sent from Mobile
    Raquel Onsurez
    • Post something cool on my wall! Hows bell ringing?

  • Joey Arnold
    • bell ringing contains mixed emotions

  • Raquel Onsurez
    • How r u Joey?

    • Post something on my wall I love ur sense of humor

  • Joey Arnold
    • u busy this weekend?

  • Raquel Onsurez
    • message me if you want to talk. I did not spread rumors. I told my mom exactly what you said she asked who got fired because I read you post outloud

  • Joey Arnold
    about a minute ago
    Joey Arnold
    • I rung my bell. I greeted people. One day, for an hour, I pulled out shopping carts for people coming into the store. I walked two steps to pull out the carts while closely watching the kettle that was in the double doors with me. I remained ringing and standing right next to my kettle the whole time. I was only several feet or less away from my kettle, at the farthest.

      Last year, I opened doors for people. I had no doors to open. Everybody loved my door service, & even Emmanuel was ok with it when I asked him about it.

      I was also pulling out carts during my break. I combined my two fifteen minutes break with my lunch break. I only needed a real bathroom-break break at around 4pm just for about eight minutes.

      I would also ring minutes before my 10am shift, and continue past when they would pick up the kettle. This means I was only getting paid for 8.30 hours, but I was actually ringing longer than that.

      Which means I went above & beyond the call of duty. I did much more than any bell ringer I have ever seen.

      I also discontinued the cart service. I only did that one day.

  • Joey Arnold
    2 seconds ago
    Joey Arnold
    • I told them that I was only ringing the bell for 8.30 hours. But I was really ringing longer than that. Which means I volunteered the additional time & saved them money in doing so.

    • Emmanuel never asked me what happened. He assumes that complaints are accurate. The security cameras will say otherwise.

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